3 Irresistible Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best Platform For Selling On Facebook


Are you dreaming of becoming a successful webpreneur? If so, you are a good thinker. Selling online is a gold ore that no 21st-century investor can ignore. The digital era condensed the world and turned it into a global village. So, Virtual selling allows you to reach a wider audience. In particular, selling on Facebook is becoming a potential and profitable practice.

However, setting up a Facebook shop can limit you on managing your inventory and customers effectively. Fortunately, several e-commerce platforms allow you to build a Facebook store through them. Shopify is one of this platforms.  But why should you consider it over the rest? Here are 3 compelling reasons for selling on Facebook with Shopify:

A dedicated Facebook selling plan

As an entrepreneur focusing on Facebook commerce, you need a platform customized for the same. You want a solution capable of harnessing your sales while offering your customers a social experience. Well, Shopify is aware of your needs. The platform launched Shopify Lite. This plan enables you to build a Facebook shop without any struggle. Your customers will have a chance to buy products as they continue chatting with their friends. The Shopify Lite plan offers you all features of a normal Shopify store. Hence, you are certain of effective selling and inventory management.

Affordable plan and ease of use

Certainly, the reason for turning to sell on Facebook is due to a fixed budget. Also, you desire to reach a bigger audience at a little cost. Shopify helps you to realize your dream with shoestring budgets. The platform charges you a fee of $9 per month which is easily affordable. Your business can raise the fee in single sale. Apart from affordability, setting up your store is a breeze. You do not require any special knowledge or technical skills to build one. Hence, if affordability and ease of use are your priority selling on Facebook with Shopify is a good idea.

Combination of two giants in their industry

They say if you want to soar high, you should make eagles your companions. The phrase applies in the e-commerce sector. Selling on Facebook with Shopify opens a gate for you to succeed. The aspect combines a giant in the e-commerce sector – Shopify – and another in the social media arena – Facebook. With the two powers, you can ascertain that your opportunity of becoming a giant in your niche is a guarantee.