3 Easiest Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Shopify Store Sales

Facebook Shopify Store Sales

Is this your situation? You got recommendations from peers and experts. They advised you to set up a Facebook Shopify store. Their words guaranteed you superb returns. With 2 + billion active users on Facebook, you were certain of receiving high sales. But the reality is hitting you. Five months down the line, your sales are not scaling up. For that period, you only made less than a hundred sales. You’re on the crossroad wondering whether to close down your venture or what to do next. Certainly, the reason for running an online venture is to earn a profit. So, if no sales are coming your way, it can be a worrying issue. To enable you to solve your problem, here are three easiest ways of boosting your Facebook Shopify store sales:

Promoting your products on the right groups

Certainly, you’re marketing your products. But are you marketing them to the right audience? As you know, the maxim of success in business is selling your products at the right place to the right people. For example, you cannot promote clothes or jewelry on groups set up for content writing. Also, it would be an ill-informed idea to market cereals on professional groups. If you want to harness your sales, understand what you’re selling and promote it on the right groups. With this, you will easily drive some sales without draining your sweat.

Offering timed discounts.

Offering discounts is a perfect way of promoting your sales. This aspect applies both in your online or offline platforms. However, creating timed discounts can double your sales in your Facebook Shopify store. for instance, you can offer a discount like “60% off on all products until 1 pm.” Such an offer will make people purchase more for fear of missing out. This offer will work better than having a discount without a certain end date or time. Hence, creating timed discounts is a superb way of boosting sales when selling on Facebook.

Always have marketing messages with a sense of urgency

As you know, creating a sense of urgency leads to the action taking. Customers will take a particular action when they feel they will lose. For instance, you can have a call to action with a message of a potential change in price tomorrow. Certainly, tomorrow is the next day after today. When customers see the word tomorrow, they will take action at that moment to avoid paying more next day. Hence, if you want to sell more on your Facebook Shopify store, creating a sense of urgency can work wonders.

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