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How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook:

Integrate a Facebook Bit with Shopify in 10 Minutes

Wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook? The Shopify stores can easily be integrated with a Facebook Messenger bot! Read and find out more!

The Shopify online stores with high traffic provoke customer inquiries about products or services on daily basis and bots are without a doubt the best way to support customers with 24/7 replies (automated replies). In other words, bots give your customers the instant answer they are looking for.

More and more people are using ecommerce platforms and website builders like Shopify to create their online stores. These simple and easy-to-use website builders give you the confidence to establish your own online presence. In order for you to improve the online presence, the Shopify users are looking for different ways to automate the business online.

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It is not weird or uncommon that customers have questions before deciding to purchase something online. These questions don’t have to ruin a business deal, however, you need to understand that today’s customers are looking for answers and solutions that provide them with an instant satisfaction.

Well-built bots can master the art or answering customers’ questions long before they show up in your inbox. A Facebook bot that perfectly understands the basic customer needs and inquiries can give your potential customers more confidence to proceed forward with a purchase decision.

Wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook or how to integrate a bot with your Shopify store?

As a matter of fact, this is the point where they are the most effective. You can easily handle day-to-day marketing responsibilities and tasks such as posting on social media platforms on your behalf, creating social media ads, promoting sales campaigns, sending emails, generating reports, and much more. Before doing or completing any task, the chatbot will ask you an approval.

Being as one of the early adopters of Messenger chatbots, there are a few other examples of Shopify applications for Messenger chatbots that simplify marketing tasks and automate customer service.


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  • We would like to recommend you the Ako Chatbot (this is developed by Akohub), The Facebook Messenger Remarketing (this app is developed by CartBack), the Messenger Marketing (this app is developed by chatchamp), and Facebook Messenger Upsell (this app is developed by CartBack).

    If you are looking for a way to increase your Shopify profit or attract more people to your Shopify store, integrating with Facebook and Facebook Messenger are the best things you can do for your business. This is a pretty simple move and yet you will have an opportunity to move your Shopify business to the next level.

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